Tickets & Venues



Thanks to the generous help of Bioscopen Leiden, this year’s short film festival will be able to bring the wealth and breadth of contemporary international film to a cinema near you. Tiny, just like our films, Kijkhuis on Vrouwenkerksteeg offers the space for coming together in an intimate and familial atmosphere. Most importantly, we hope to utilise this venue as a space for open debate and mutual dialogue around the films shown and the issues they raise. Essentially, in order to enable this conversation to unfold, we need you, the viewer, to join us. We’ll keep the seat warm for you!


In order to allow this dialogue to spill out of the cinema, we will make use of the cultural space of Old School on Pieterskerkhof. With a history of hosting and promoting vanguard artists and performers, we know that Old School will be the optimal space for LISFE to explore some of its more experimental programming. Here, you will be invited to partake in  screenings and talks, coming together as a community around cinema and the visual arts. Get inspired…

Rijksmuseum Boerhaven Leiden – Lange Sint Agnietenstraat 10


For this edition of the festival we will collaborate with the Rijskmuseum Boerhaven for our side events program. Stay tuned for more details. 



As always we try to offer you as many options as possible to access our festival! We hope there is something for every budget, from single screenings tickets to day and festival passes.


Cost per session €10,50 
Day pass regular €22
Day pass student €16,50 
All-access festival pass €45 
All-access festival pass student €35