Camera Obscura


In this session, we seek to lay bare the influence of images on our construction of self and reality. By heightening the ambivalences between the visible and invisible, these four films hope to direct attention to what we cannot see; that which is hidden from view and that which is simply unfathomable. When neither imagination nor representation can be trusted in the digital age, where does that position us as spectators? If a picture is worth a thousand words, what is the price of darkness?

Duration: 58 min. (4 films)


Director of The Father’s Love Begotten present + Q&A by Erik Daams, savvy projectionist, film programmer and lecturer for film history based in The Hague.




Felipe Elgueta, Ananké Pereira

"We've learned to communicate with one another in 15 seconds." Private ...



G. Kielawski, A. Bayer

In the glow of a digital night, a ghost story unfolds. Dancing mobile ...

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