Todas Íbamos a Ser Reinas

Ana Catalá


Todas Íbamos a Ser Reinas (We Were All to be Queens) is an autoethnographic journey back and forth, past and present, through the VHS home videos of the filmmaker’s childhood. The film questions the social and cultural structures that women are put through from a very young age to become the perfect woman, exploring the tradition of Valencia’s Fallas as their ultimate objectification.

Director Biography

Ana Catalá is a multifaceted filmmaker, producer and festival programmer. After finishing her film and photography studies in Spain and Switzerland, she moved to Berlin where has worked on international film productions. Her career began with film credits including The Ghost Writer by Roman Polanski and Hanna by Joe Wright. But her passion for arthouse independent cinema soon led her to work in documentary productions and author-generated films, such as Grind Reset Shine by Margarita Jimeno, and <3 by María Anton Cabot. Besides her work as a filmmaker, Ana Catalá is a member of the short film selection Committee for the Cinema Jove International Film Festival in Valencia, the assistant programmer to Giorgio Gosetti, as well as the program coordinator and associate programmer for the Reykjavik International Film Festival.

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