The Real Dillah

Washington Calegari


After 25 years on stage, Edivaldo Antônio de Souza recalls his past glories in nightclubs, theaters and radios as the famous drag queen Dillah Dilluz of Sao Paulo’s nightlife. The reality today, however, is very different: he has no job, no home, no health insurance. At 50 he has difficulty difficulty finding work, he constantly has to face discrimination because he is poor, black and homosexual. Yet Edivaldo’s positivity and resilience are strong: he spends a good deal of time studying English and dreams of doing Literature. He tries to laugh at his tragedy on a daily basis, as he “invents his own joy.”
Filmed over 5 years, The Real Dillah offers an intimate portrait of a restless artist who refuses to become a mere spectator of himself.

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