The Juggler

Skirmanta Jakaitė


We live in the same house, but in different apartments, jobs, situations, beliefs, visions. Each in our own compartment, we fool ourselves that the world is one and that it exists. Sometimes it seems that an incomprehensible thread becomes visible and I am on the verge of understanding…

Director Biography

Skirmanta Jakaitė, born in 1969, is a director and animator with a BA in Animation at the Vilnius Academy of Art, and has had experience in animation production since 1989. The Juggler will be her third directed short animated film. The previous films of the director were also made using the technique of 2D drawn animation. Her graduation film We May Meet, We May Not was screened at many acclaimed international film festivals including Ottawa International Animation Festival, Hiroshima International Animation Festival, and Stuttgart Festival of Animated Film. Jakaitė’s debut film Non-euclidean Geometry (co-directed with Solveiga Masteikaitė) was awarded with the Ecumenical Jury Prize at the 60th Short Film Festival Oberhausen, the Special International Jury Prize at Hiroshima International Animation Festival, and The Lithuanian Film Academy award for The Best Lithuanian Animation Film of the year.

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