Still Lives

Elli Vuorinen


Still Lives is an experimental stop motion animation starring traditional figurines from folk art from various times and places. Accompanied by a soundtrack of narrators facing the pressures of modern life, these characters explore the theme of busy stillness from different points of view in seven separate scenes: a couple on an antique bridal box breaks up, turning into tinder; an ancient statue in a glass showcase grows tired of hearing about the dynamic potential of shared workspaces; and the runner on a clay jar is stuck in a never-ending workout session.

Director Biography

Elli Vuorinen graduated as an Animation Director from Turku Arts Academy and is an independent animation director who lives and works in rural Finland. Her work is often a balance between surreal, delightful and disgusting. Although her approach is often humoristic, the films deal with significant themes of melancholy, solitude and hope. Elli’s style is versatile – blending of minimal and handcrafted, she creates works that are playful and bold. Different animation techniques inspire her work. Elli’s farm studio allows her to work with everything between large scale stop motion to 2D computer animation.

Film details

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