Shour Beauty

Sadik Sara


Streps is an Hookhey who dreams of leaving his community to integrate the elite one: the Babtoos. A socio-spatial segregation has been raging for years between those widely separated beings. Dr. Aldi has recently developed the Shour Beauty™, a medication allowing the Hookheys to change their appearance into Babtoos in less than 24H. This soon-to-come remedy severly upset the status quo.

Director Biography

Sara Sadik is a multidisciplinary artist who lives and works in Marseille, France. She makes experimental videos such as Mercato (2018), Mektoub (2017), and Soeur2Coeur (2016), in which she plays every character. In 2018, Sara Sadik released her first short-film Shour Beauty.

Film details

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