Por Acá Pasaron Los Ciclistas

Isidora Gálvez Alfageme


A German film crew arrived at Putaendo (Chile) in 1987, to film “The San Cristobal Cyclist”. People from Putaendo worked as extras in the film, witnessed the shooting and waited a debut that never arrived. The film’s ruins are made up of those memories, impressions and oblivion. The view of a village waiting on something that never happened and a film once considered great and was forgotten later.

Director Biography

Isidora Gálvez Alfageme holds a degree in Visual Arts and is currently a candidate for Master’s in Documentary Cinema at the University of Chile.
She has worked mainly in the area of visual arts and film, as a workshop, director and director of photography. She is the author of the videos “Nadadores” and “Fábrica de Telas”, presented at exhibitions and Latin American festivals, among which the International Festival of Videoart, Argentina stands out.

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