Grégoire Verbeke


Springtime in northern Albania sparks the herding of goats from the lowlands, up to the towering mountainsides. Prek Gjoni is moving his livestock with the help of Jovalin. Will broken shoes and an umbrella suffice for the 4-day walk?

Director Biography

Grégoire Verbeke is a self taught filmmaker and photographer. He graduated in Classical Philology at the Ghent University in 2012. His final thesis tried to give an imagological overview of the Bactria region (Afghanistan) in Ancient Greek literature. From 2013 to 2016 he worked as a first assistant director on The Land of the Enlightened in Afghanistan. Grégoire made a making-of film about the Afghanistan adventure. Now he’s developing some personal film projects. Bjeshkë (Mountain) is his first short film.

Film details

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