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The plot proposal of ‘Embeleso’ is simple. Presentation of two people and the intention to awaken curiosity to know what connection exists between the two. Gema and Caterina are presented through the most basic and common to all human beings: sensations. The starting point is broad, but this point of departure is so universal that allows the viewer a certain freedom to make their own idea of how each are. Because the important thing is not in their differences, but in what they share, in the type of relationship that they establish in a specific environment, and that produces a hypnotic sensation that one tries to capture through the camera.

Director present at the Saturday screening of Thinking Out of Form + Q&A

Director Biography

Maite Vaquero obtained her degree in Journalism from the CEU San Pablo University of Valencia and Social and Cultural Anthropology from the Autonomous University of Madrid. She started working with the newspaper El Mundo in 2000 and she still works as the editor of the graphics section. The appearance of the internet in the media during this period of time caused her adaptation as a visual journalist. In 2016, Maite was part of the organization of the 3 Audiovisual Anthropology Exhibition in Madrid and the following year finished her first course (Doculens 1) of documentary film at the Lens School in Madrid, where she is currently still studying.

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