El Verano Del León Eléctrico

Diego Céspedes


“The summer of the Electric lion” is inspired by a true story. The short film is about the last days that two siblings, Daniela (17) and Alonso (11) spend together, before she is expected to become the seventh wife of a well-known Chilean prophet, who they say gives off electricity when you touch him. The atmosphere and the style of the film is very nostalgic, languid, through the younger brother’s point of view, who is going to realize that conservative machismo is taking his sister.

Director Biography

Diego Céspedes (23) graduated as a Filmmaker from the University of Chile in 2017. In 2015, during the third year of his career, photography and editing of the short film “Non Castus” received special mention from the jury at the Locarno Festival and selection in the festivals of Rotterdam, Havana, SANFIC, Valdivia, among others. In 2017 he writes and directs his first short film “El verano del león eléctrico” winner to 1rd Prize Cinefondation, Festival de Cannes.

Film details

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