Dos Rábanos En La Familia Es Mucho

Rafael Guendelman


In the year 1985, the artist’s mother, Carmen Hales, was kidnapped by the DICOMCAR (Dirección de Comunicaciones de Carabineros, the Chilean police force’s Direction of Communications), one of the military dictatorship’s organisations for oppression. In spite of having a hood pulled over her face, she was able to recognize the route taken with her kidnappers through a specific counting system. This orientation and memory exercise is the starting point for reflecting on the differences that exist between hyper-connected times, such as ours, and a bipolar and linear past, exploring different ways of moving through and relating to space.

Director Biography

Rafael Guendelman holds a Bachelor of Arts in Cinema Theory (U. Católica) and Contemporary Arab World (U de Chile). He is currently a student of the UCL Magister in Art program “Situated Practice” in the United Kingdom. He has participated in the “ZK / U” residency programs in Berlin, Germany and “Laznia” in Gdansk, Poland. His work has been exhibited in different exhibitions and video festivals, both in Chile and abroad.

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