De Driesprong

Sjeng Schupp, Michiel van Dijk


The ruler in this story brimming with black humour has no time for dreams. The protagonist, King Wurm, outlaws all that is fantastic and wonderful in his realm and denies artists their creative rights. The people rise up against the tyrant and King Wurm loses his head. But his brain is rescued, and he is fitted out with a new and highly ingenious robotic body.   The film is based on the surrealist story of the same name by Dutch writer Belcampo, a future fantasy full of medical curiosities, fusing dream and reality.


Director present + Q&A

Director Biography

Sjeng Schupp and Michiel van Dijk create animations for which Sjeng does the artwork and Michiel composes the soundtrack. Their short, wayward animations, sometimes abstract, sometimes figurative, are characterized by absurdity. Sound and image interlock in perfect unison. Vinex Productions are well known for their widely acclaimed theatre performance Kijkshock. For Kijkshock, their work is shown accompanied by live music.

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