700 Sharks

Manuel Lefèvre


Follow Laurent Ballesta, famous underwater specialist and marine biologist in the tiny Fakarava atoll, lost in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. Laurent is about to give a final answer to his quest: understanding the hunting behavior of the biggest shark pack in the world. You will experience a unique feeling being like a member of this exciting expedition and diving at night in the middle of the pack. Sharing excitement and doubts, laugh and fears …

ln 1975, mister Spielberg made us hate sharks, we’re pretty sure that “700 sharks” will change the way you’II look at them!

Episode 1:
The Fakarava atoll…
It’s here, on this remote string of islands lost in the Pacific Ocean, where we find Laurent Ballesta and his team.
Flying over the southern pass gives an overview of the territory of the gray sharks, then we’re ready to dive.
Having become a member of this experienced group of divers, the stress gradually increases.
Once past the shoals of thousands colored fish, there they are; hundreds of gray sharks, apparently inoffensive, resting on the current, awaiting the night, when the hunt will begin.

Episode 2:
Under threatening stormy skies, night slowly draws in on Fakarava.
Laurent Ballesta takes us on a night-dive, into the heart of the pack.
We are briefed about the objective of the dive, which is to fit small trackers on the sharks to understand their behavior when hunting as a group.
Beneath the surface, things start to get frenetic.
In an eerie atmosphere lit by the divers’ halogens, we witness an impressive feeding frenzy. Being among 700 sharks, with all sense on alert, is an experience of rare intensity.

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