Terms and Conditions for Submission


The Leiden International Short Film Experience (hereinafter referred to as the “Festival”) is a yearly short film festival including a competition, organized and duly represented in this matter by the organization “Cinema Club Leiden”.

Film submission to the Festival is open to both professional and student filmmakers (students undertaking film-related, media, or art studies). There is no limitation in the number of films a participant can submit to the Festival.

Film specifications
Submission to the Festival is open to all kinds of short films (animated, documentaries etc.).
The duration of the films should not exceed 30 minutes.
The films must have been compleated on or after the 1st of January 2018.
Films with dialogue must be in clear-spoken English or subtitled in English.
Technical specifications: For the selection, the Festival will only admit digital formats: HD video files or DVD.

Entry fee: A nominal submission fee of 8 euros is charged for films submitted up till the final submission deadline of 21th of December 2018. Proceeds from the submission fees are always invested back into the festival. The fee for the student maker category is 5 euros.

Required Material
At minimum, the following are required:

a) a filled-in online entry form (it is not necessary to send a printed copy of the form),

b)  a copy of the film (digital file or DVD).

Sending the film
Online (preferred): for more information on how to send us your film online, please see the online entry form, which can be found on the Festival’s website.

By post: Please make sure you label the DVDs with film title, country, running time and genre and send them to the following address:

LISFE film festival
Witte Singel 58
2311 BL Leiden
The Netherlands

Please mention “without commercial value / for cultural purposes only” on the envelope.
The film and / or any other promotional material must be sent prepaid by the sender. No collect shipments are accepted unless authorized by the Festival.
The film copies that are sent to the Festival are not returned.

!!! Deadline: All films must be sent before the submission deadline on December 21th, 2018.

If not all of the requirements for entry are met, the film is not eligible for selection.

The Festival film programme is organized into an official competition and an official selection.
The Festival delivers
three awards:
– Best film jury award,
– Best film audience award.
– Best student film award.

Films selected as part of the official competition compete for the Best film jury award, the Best film audience award and the Best student film award.
Films selected as part of the official selection only compete for the Best film audience award and the Best student film award.
The award winners will receive a monetary prize which will be announced in due time on the Festival’s website.
The recipients of the prizes are responsible for any additional transfer fees or taxes that may apply.

A designated committee selects the films that will take part in the Festival.
In case of selection, the contact person is notified prior to the festival date using the contact details provided with the entry form.
The entrant guarantees to have cleared all rights related to the screening of the film and clears the Festival of all relevant liabilities from third parties.
The Festival is allowed to use excerpts (less than 10%) and stills from the selected films, nationally and internationally, for the promotion of the Festival.
The Festival is allowed to screen the selected films without paying fees:

  • – during the Festival,
  • – in “sneak peek” preview screenings before the Festival,
  • – in Best-of sessions of the Festival.

During the Festival, a film may be screened multiple times and at different locations (including different cities).
Selected films cannot be withdrawn from the Festival later than one week after notification.
The scheduling of the film screenings is at the discretion of the Festival.
The selection of a film does not imply airline tickets or hotel accommodation.

In principle the following information will be included in the Festival programme:

  • – Original film title
  • – International / English film title
  • – Director
  • – Year of production
  • – Country of production
  • – Film duration
  •  – Premiere status
  • – Contact details
  • – Synopsis of the film
  • – A film still

In addition the following information will be included (if available) on our website:

– a link to the website of the film,
– a link to an online trailer of the film.

The program contents are entirely at the discretion of the Festival. The Festival cannot be held liable in the event of mistakes or inaccuracies in its publications.

Entry and participation of films implies unconditional acceptance of the Festival regulations. In cases where the regulations do not suffice, the Festival Management will make a final decision.
The Festival Management can always decide on exceptions to the regulations.

Questions? Send us an email to submissions@lisfe.nl