In France of tommorow, nationalist government set a law concerning youth. It allows 16 years old young people’s parents to renounce to asumate their parent’s legal role. From 16, jobless people are under the responsability of the State. They can choose, either joining the army or joining the religious service, forever.
Viola, a 16 years old young lady wishes so hard to be hired as an intern in the zoo. She goes their very often. Though, she won’t get hired and decides to join the religious service. There, far from the city, in the retreated Cévennes country side convent, other young people devote their lives to God. Their convivtion is such that it looks weirdly linked with thoose strange little white pills.
Amoung thoose brothers and sisters of the religious service, Giorgio, a deeply naiv « perfect » brother, decides to linger in the woods in the evening, picking his favourites plants. Night is falling and Giorgio get lost in the deep dark forest.


Noémie Guibal


Switzerland, France



Screening Session


12th May 2018 at 21:00