„GRUND“ showcases a cinematic search for a presence of any kind, rural regions being its grounds.
The movie focuses on 13 fixed settings picturing Arnsberger Wald (Arnsberg forest, North-Rhine-Westfalia, GER) and being taped over roughly the course of a whole year.
Although it is about depicting nature, the idea to create some kind of artificial feeling with the soundtrack came about. The soundtrack is built entirely of sounds from different sound-servers, allowing it to strive for a state of unnatural perfection. It does not contain any human/ natural sounds our such pointing at human presence. Complementary, the pictorial design is pursuing another kind of perfection, raising the question as to when and why those particular moments were captured.
The images have a certain vibration to them that is being favoured by the mood of the weather, the light, but also technical aspects like picture noise. All the above reinforce the notion of a presence within the framing and the feeling that there could be more to it than the simple depiction of nature arises.


Adrian Witzel





Screening Session

experimental @ old school