This film is devoted to the ordinary man, “to a common hero, an ubiquitous character, walking in countless thousands on the streets. This anonymous hero is very ancient. Slowly the representatives that formerly symbolized families, groups, and orders disappear. We witness the advent of the number. It comes along with democracy, the large city, administrations, cybernetics. It is a flexible and continuous mass, woven tight like a fabric with neither rips nor darned patches, a multitude of quantified heroes who lose names and faces as they become the ciphered river of the streets, a mobile language of computations and rationalities that belong to no one.” (Michel de Certeau) The film is inspired by the book The Practice of Everyday Life (Arts de Faire) by Michel de Certeau.

Contemporary Dance and Performance Art (Part of the Art Exhibition)

Saturday 13-05, 22:30-01:00

Sunday 14-05, 13:00-16:00


Willi Dorner

Willi Dorner lives and works as choreographer in Vienna. His artistic creations include stage performances, site-specific projects, which are presented all over the world, photography, films, animations and installations. Together with the photographer Lisa Rastl he published the photo book Bodies in urban spaces about the same-named performance. He also created short films with different Austrian filmmakers: “TREID” (1999), “mazy” (2003), “body trail” and “fleeting” (2009), “set in motion” (2012) and “every-one” (2015).


Willi Dorner





Screening Session


13th May 2017 at 22:30