celui que brule

celui que brule

It is early morning, back from a fishing trip, Lounes comes along with a jer  rican of petrol in his hand. Right there, in the middle of the shacks, he’s going to try to set himself alight.

Up in the surrounding mountains, Rachid, a clandestine cab driver, is taking Ounissa, a young village girl, to Tizi-Ouzou-sur-mer, along with a huge frozen fish. Quick! It’s getting hot already this morning, the countdown’s begun. In the evening, as our fish has reached the shore at last… Miracle! It’s coming back to life! being out of the water, it struggles as best as it can, the same way Rachid and Ounissa both do.

Right there in Lounes’ arms, the fish keeps on fighting, just like Lounes himself who, that same morning, had unsuccessfully tried to set himself on fire but who would eventually manages tonight to «take a dive ».


Slimane Bounia





Screening Session

Beyond the Borders


13th May 2018 at 16:00