Award Winners 10th edition

After a tough competition we are finally proud to present the winners of the 10th edition of LISFE!



It was a tough decision for our jury this year. The one film, however, that stood out was Five Years After the War by Samuel Albaric, Martin Wiklund & Ulysse Lefort. This incredible animation follows Tim, son of an absent Iraqi father and a pervasive Jewish mother, and his search for his own place in the world, while tossed around by the great upheavals of the modern times.

We proudly announce that this year’s jury award worth 1000€ goes to Samuel Albaric, Martin Wiklund & Ulysse Lefort.

Here the comment of our jury:

"'Five Years After the War' is an animated film that reflects on the meanings of animation, and what the medium can achieve, effortlessly merging well-observed realism with the fantastic. Above all, the film approaches character and the complexities of the situation that it explores in a way that is not static or predetermined, but genuinely open and surprising. It has the spontaneity, the contingency, and the beauty of a lived life. The film is rich with political significances and stands as a moving document of our times."



The Student Award for 500 € goes to the moving drama Fast Alles, by Lisa Gertsch. This short film tells the story of a couple, Leandra and Paul, and how they cope with his progressive Alzheimer’s.

Here is what the jury had to say:

"Magnificently well-acted, and exceptionally brilliant in terms of rhythm and narrative tension span, and a score that brought it all home, this film stole the heart of all jury members. The film narrates the story of two people on a path together. The undercurrents of emotions are covered by the at times bland, fearful, joyous, and harsh reality of everyday life. The film pays tribute to the fragility of life - but not of love."

The jury also made special mentions for the following films:

What a marvelous film. It’s so disturbing and recognizable in many ways that it is actually quite impossible to watch. But for a film to convey this feeling of daily frustrations and social injustice through cinematic means in this way if quite exceptional, and the jury would like to congratulate the makers on making such a wonderful piece of cinematic social critique!

What a wonderful choice to have it end there! This one’s really simple and well made, and in its simplicity, reveals a complexity that does truly justice to life itself and the short film form in particular. Well done! A special mention worth.

What a work! Beautifully crafted, a nice combination of simple forms and laborious animating. The lemon/life metaphor resonates strongly with the viewer, and with what remains in light of darkness, as a reminder of life worth living, the simple joy of being now.

This is a very clever film, very well-acted, and exceptionally compelling in its comedy form. This is very difficult to achieve in a film of with length! I thoroughly enjoyed it and it actually made me laugh out loud.



This year’s audience award worth 500€ goes to Alexandre Steiger's Pourquoi J’ai Écrit la Bible.

Francis, a man in his sixties, is found in a diving suit, swimming in a river in the city center. Even his children, accustomed to their father’s escapades, are surprised: since Francis knows he is condemned, it seems really unmanageable. Samuel and his sister must therefore find a way to accompany him at any cost.