– LISFE asked ROEM to create something for LISFE 2018. But who are they? Here a little introduction –

“We are ROEM, a group of young creators who want to put themselves and the Leiden art scene on the map. We are ambitious, inquisitive, creative and between 18 and 30 years old. We are skilled in various art disciplines and talents that we like to share with each other and with the city. We have a professional ambition that we want to deploy.

It is unfortunate to notice that many young artists around us are moving to other cities because they have more to offer. The Leiden art scene seems rather closed from the outside, which creates a distance between the young artists, the city and its inhabitants.

We were not sensitive to move to other cities for better art scenes. We wanted to tackle this problem, and came up with ROEM, Space To Realize.”


LISFE 2018:

Three artists created a little experimental movie for LISFE, which was shown before each session during the festival. The artists: