Interactive Documentaries with Submarine Channel

Interactive Documentaries with Submarine Channel

FRIDAY 11th, SATURDAY 12th, SUNDAY 13th  May | 12:00-18:00 at Webster-LLC

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Have you ever really experienced documentary? And by experience, we mean by deciding which narrative
you want to follow? No? Well don’t worry, you’re in luck, because in the Living and Learning Centre at
Webster Leiden Campus / Webster University USA, you will be able to participate in the most pioneering
experiments and developments in film today.

Thanks to Submarine, a TV channel based in Amsterdam that explores the very latest narrative possibilities of new and emerging genres such as the interactive documentary, the motion comic, and transmedia storytelling, we are providing the possibility to take part in 4 of their interactive documentaries.

The Industry by Mirka Duijn, Bruno Felix & Femke Wolting
The Netherlands is the number one drugs country in Europe. Weed is in our genes, coke enters the country
through the harbors, and XTC is as Dutch as chocolate sprinkles. How is it possible that in a regulated
country like the Netherlands drug can be produced and traded on such a large scale? This interactive
documentary offers an insight into the billion euro drug industry currently operating within a country of 17
million people.

Poppy by Antoinette de Jong & Robert Knoth
This interactive documentary takes you on on an eye-opening journey that reveals how drug money
destabilizes entire countries, fuels global conflicts, and allows a worldwide illegal economy to grow.

Echoes of IS by Bruno Felix & Femke Wolting
A web documentary that consists of twelve captivating stories by people who have all been affected by
Islamic State. These are people from very different backgrounds; Dutch people and refugees, parents,
children, ex-fighters and their relatives. The full project consists of twelve personal videos, portraits of special people, from Mazen, Hwidi, Sameer, Sarie, Hoessein, to Leo, Abdel-Rahman, Refaa, Joud, Orhan, Ferry and Dyana.

Last Hijack by Tommy Pallotta & Femke Wolting
This is an Emmy award-winning interactive experience about piracy in Somalia. The interface allows users to view the same story from multiple perspectives, from the perpetrators to the victims, and provides a fresh insight into the minds of both.

The exhibition has been produced in collaboration with Media Communications department of Webster
Leiden Campus and with support by Mediacollege Amsterdam.